I wanted to put a few words together to share with other nervous but eager parents about my experience with the Caint, Speech and Language Therapy. As I am many of us anxious parents have had some bad experiences with other such So I was nervous trying another provider after so many poor experiences. My Son has been under the care of Catherine at the Caint Speech and Language Therapy for over a year. In that year, I cannot over emphasise the recognisable improvements with my Son in that year. The difference and improvement in that one year in regards to his language and social skills has been fantastic. Catherine found a way to connect with my Son in a way no other therapist has been able to do. My Son had a real apprehension when visiting other healthcare workers but he is excited for his appointments with Catherine. As part of their service, we also decided to do an ASD assessment. The entire Caint team have been amazing, helpful, courteous, professional but maybe importantly, reliable and reassuring to us as Parents. Getting an Autism diagnosis is not easy and Gina the Clinical Psychologist made both of us as parents unbelievably comfortable and answered all the difficult questions we had. I could not recommend Caint more and I want to thank all the lovely team there who have helped us navigate an incredibly difficult situation with as much ease and reassurance as possible. I cannot forget about lovely Geraldine, she’s always super kind, and helpful and answering all my queries really fast and efficient.