At Caint we are continuing to grow our speech and lanaguage therapy and occupational therapy departments. We have the following career opportunites:

Basic Grade Speech and Language Therapists

Senior Speech and Language Therapists

Basic Grade Occupational Therapists

Senior Occupational Therapists

We provide Speech therapy sessions both online and in person in three locations, in Naas, Swords and Carlow. We compliment this with psychology and occupational therapy so we can develop and implement a treatment plan and provide that care under the one roof. We find it helps our client, their families and promotes a total patient solution.

Caint’s founder and clinical director is recognised as the leading expert in her field and remains passionate about improving diagnostic assessments for her clients. Whilst continuing to practice Catherine is affiliated with a number of universities, supporting the research and teaching of SLT with the purpose of creating the centre of excellence for DVD and DLD. Caint is progressive in its care for both its clients and its team and will look to bring on board like minded team members.