Communication: Assessment of Individual Needs and Therapy

CAINT provides an in-depth assessment of a client’s development, taking a holistic approach to each individual client. CAINT takes a holistic view of the client by exploring speech and language function, their abilities to participate in daily activities (Occupational Therapy), and their overall development and educational attainment (Psychology). When a client comes to CAINT each therapist will take in to account if any other aspects may be contributing to the client’s difficulties and if it is necessary to link in with another professional in the service.

CAINT provides individualised therapy programmes which are devised in conjunction with parents and others involved in the care of the client. Programmes are designed to meet the individual’s goals and reach their best potential. CAINT adheres to the highest standards of evidence based practice, using the most recent therapy principles and programmes.

All of our therapists are registered with the necessary governing body to ensure the highest standard of service is provided. CAINT provide a multidisciplinary service where it is needed, meaning all clients have access to the services they require.

CAINT ensure to stay up to date with the latest therapy practices & techniques to ensure rapid progress. CAINT Therapy is services is located 20minutes from Red Cow Roundabout with easy access from the M7.