Caint Provides Psychology, Cognitive, developmental, educationa,l MDT, Multidisciplinary assessment therapists for Dyslexia & Dyscalculia

Educational Psychology

Educational psychologists specialise in learning, behaviour, social and emotional development. They work alongside parents, teachers and children to provide consultation, assessment and identification of educational needs, such as dyspraxia and dyslexia. They may provide services within educational settings, such as preschool, primary or post primary. At CAINT speech therapy, available services include comprehensive educational and psychological assessment, and therapeutic and educational interventions to schools and families.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychologists specialise in behaviour, cognitive and emotional difficulties. They work with children who present with developmental delay, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD/ADD, anxiety and emotional and behavioural difficulties. Clinical psychologists may provide individual assessment of behaviour, emotions and development, and may offer individual, group or family therapy sessions. At CAINT speech therapy, assessments may include cognitive assessment, autism spectrum disorder assessment, and assessment of emotional difficulties, such as anxiety.

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