Are your assessments recognised by the HSE and the Department of Education?

Yes they are. All of our practitioners are all fully qualified, experienced and registered with their appropriate governing bodies. We provide high quality assessments using valid and appropriate assessment tools. We provide speech and language therapy assessments, occupational therapy assessments and psychological assessments.

How do I know if I need a speech therapist?

There are many children who would benefit from a speech therapist including those who have had a previous diagnosis of a language or learning difficulty. If you suspect that your child has difficulties with speech and language then you can call and discuss your concerns with CAINT who will advise you whether an assessment is needed.

How do I make a referral to CAINT?

You can call on 045 88308 or email at . After discussing your concerns you can schedule an appointment with us. We will send forms for you to complete and also to your child’s school in order to gather as much information as possible.

Why attend for private assessment and therapy?

Waiting times for public services may mean that your child has to wait for assessment and diagnosis which can delay availing of therapy and important resource services at school. CAINT can facilitate your child’s speech and language development or occupational therapy needs while you are waiting to be called by your local HSE. We can also provide therapy to supplement your services form your HSE and can add follow on sessions to your HSE block of intervention. There are no restrictions as to the number or frequency of sessions available in private practice and treatment plans will be negotiated by you and your therapist following best practice guidelines, clinical decision making and evidence based practice.

How do I know if the therapist is qualified/ experienced?

You can check your therapists’ qualifications and experience. You can ask questions in relation to the therapists’ years of experience, qualifications and specific experience in working in your area of need. Some therapists will have this information available on their website. CAINT adheres to the highest standards of evidence based practice and continuing professional development to ensure appropriate treatment for your child. CAINT credentials are available on the on the website and we are registered with the IASLT professional body in Ireland and our Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists are CORU registered.