Catherine Sheahan founded the practice due to the increasing demands for speech and language therapy for children and adults and CAINT now has five therapists. Catherine qualified from Trinity in 1997 and was awarded a Masters in 2009. She has extensive experience in working with individuals with a variety of speech and language difficulties in Australia, USA and Ireland.

Catherine commenced her professional career working with the HSE before subsequently joining the Speech and Language Department at the University of Sydney, Australia. She experienced a variety of cases at the University of Sydney clinic including, speech delay, language delay, specific language impairment, (SLI), stuttering, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Aspergers, and literacy difficulties.

Catherine devised individual education plans (IEP) for students with language, learning and literacy difficulties for the Australian Department of Education and trained teachers and resource teachers how to use these plans to deliver the best possible results for the students.

Catherine has lectured at the University of Limerick as a key member of the Speech and Language Therapy team in the areas of child speech disorders (including dyspraxia), phonetics and stuttering since 2004. Catherine has extensive experience in running seminars and training for teachers regarding communication difficulties. Catherine develops programmes for teachers for IEP and Resource planning.

Catherine provides assessments and therapy to children at Caint Speech Therapy. These provide a detailed analysis of a child’s communication strengths and weakness and therapy programmes are individualised to each child’s specific needs.

Catherine in her role as Clinical Director ensures that her clients receive a professional service in a caring environment and has earned a nationwide reputation for excellence of service. Catherine is committed to ensuring that only evidence based practices are used by Caint therapists and she ensures that continuous professional training and development is pursued by all Caint therapists.

Catherine is a member of IASLT and IASLTPP.