Edel has been a member of the Caint team since 2015 and is based between our Naas and Carlow clinics. Edel graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2015. She is a full member of the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists (IASLT) and her qualification is recognised by the Regulating Health and Social Care Professional body (CORU).

Edel has experience in assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and is trained in the administration and scoring of the ADOS-2. Edel has worked closely with both clinical and educational psychologists during the assessment process in order to collaboratively recommend intervention and therapy. Edel also has experience in working with children with ASD to implement therapy programs and provide parent and teacher training. Edel works with children, families and schools to provide the best possible outcomes for children, their communication and their well-being. Edel also works within a multidisciplinary model for children with ASD and frequently works closely with Occupational therapy providing dual therapy and joint sessions. She is trained in the SCERTS Model and applies this to her intervention practices.

Edel also has experience working with children with language delays and Developmental Language Disorder (DLD, or previously referred to as Specific Language Impairment/SLI). Edel provides a comprehensive assessment of the child’s receptive language, expressive language, vocabulary skills and literacy skills. Edel implements curriculum focused therapy for these children to provide them with the skills and knowledge to fully engage in curriculum material. Edel provides therapy in helping children to process information presented to them, use vocabulary to describe and define and express themselves coherently and cohesively. Therapy is also provided on reading and comprehension skills where literacy development has proven difficult for a child. Edel has worked closely with teachers in pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schools to develop programs, provide training and develop insight into the child’s areas of strength and difficulties.

Edel also has experience in the assessment and treatment of children with speech sound disorders and “late talkers”. Edel provides tasks and activities for parents to implement at home to maximize the child’s exposure to treatment targets. She has engaged in a variety of training including Nuffield and DTTC for children with Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia.

Edel provides therapy in a caring and kind environment in order to promote the child’s self-esteem and confidence in using their language and help to achieve their communicative potential